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Směrnice pro rekreační jachty 2013/53/EU – hlavní změny

IMCI poslal další informace ke Směrnici pro rekreační jachty 2013/53/EU. Zpráva se týká hlavních změn oproti stávající Směrnici.

The International Marine Certification Institute (IMCI) has been granted the Recreational Craft Directive 2013/53/EU (RCD II) notification by the European Union Commission. The May 15, 2016 EU Commission announcement grants IMCI continuation of its CE conformity assessments on boats, their equipment and their engines according to the requirements of the new Directive.

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The transition from RCD I to RCD II includes several important changes regarding exhaust emissions, alignment with the EU legislative framework, and clarification of several definitions like economic operators, private importers, as well as the obligations of Notified Bodies and national enforcement authorities.

Main changes in RCD II:

  • New engine exhaust limits for NOx, HC, and PT were aligned with US EPA standards, with relaxation of CO limits.

  • The Manufacturer’s Identification Code (MIC) shall be given by an EU Member State.

  • Manufacturers shall ensure that procedures are in place for series production to remain in conformity. Changes in product design or characteristics and changes in the harmonised standards by reference to which conformity of a product is declared shall be adequately taken in to account. Under RCD II, manufacturers are required to use always the most recent version of a harmonised standard.

  • Any sanitation device installed in a recreational craft shall be connected solely to a holding tank system or water treatment system.

  • A means of reboarding shall be accessible to, or deployable by, a person in the water unaided.

  • Post Construction Assessment (PCA) applies to private importers only.

Why use IMCI as your Notified Body also under RCD II?

  • IMCI can provide clients a MIC from Germany.

  • IMCI has served its clients through its update system of certification to stay always up-to-date with the latest requirements and standards.

  • IMCI has become sales point for the needed EN/ISO standards in English, French and German

IMCI became a European Union Notified Body t o the Recreational Craft Directive 94/25/EC (RCD I) in 1996, enabling the Institute to provide CE certificates to more than 2400 manufacturers of boats, yachts, components and engines in more than 70 countries.

IMCI has been supporting its clients to achieve professional certification of boating industry experts (EN 17024), marinas (ISO 13687) and retailers.

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